When you’re traveling around the country, it’s so much more fun to stay somewhere interesting and heighten the experience. Airbnb is a peer-to-peer rental service (just like Sparetoolz!) that offers countless intriguing homes for adventurous travelers to rent. Here are the Top 20 Airbnbs in America.

When was the last time you explored somewhere new? Traveling is one of the best ways to enhance your life and broaden your horizons. After all, there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions!

While international travel is the big goal for most, America is such a huge and diverse country that it’s worth exploring.

When you’re be-bopping around the country, it’s even more fun to stay somewhere interesting and heighten the experience.

Airbnb is a vacation rental company that offers countless intriguing homes for adventurous travelers to rent. It’s also an amazing side hustle for property owners. It’s a model similar to what we use at Sparetoolz: empowering individuals to make passive income with assets they already own. Now that’s what we call win-win!

To celebrate this modern-day technology, let’s take a look at the top 20 coolest Airbnb listings in America right now.

Cozy Western Themed Farmhouse in California

To start off with, we found this gorgeous ‘love nest’ situated above a barn in Morongo Valley, California. It looks like something straight out of a movie, doesn’t it? It offers one bedroom, one bathroom, and a private deck too. This one’s perfect for traveling couples.


Old Town Chicago Loft

This 5 bedroom loft just oozes hip, modern glamour, and with plenty of space, would be the perfect place to stay on a holiday with your friends. The high ceilings and exposed brick give it a chic vibe, and there’s plenty of space to hang out—4000 square feet of it, to be exact.


Cozy Barn in Idaho

This home is located near ski resorts and just one hour away from Jackson Hole…a dream for outdoor enthusiasts. This listing boasts beautiful views, a private neighborhood, and most importantly of all, a soft place to rest your head after a long day of hitting the stunning slopes.


Hobbit’s Hideaway in Washington

If you prefer unique, oddball accommodations then THIS is the one for you! This “underground” dwelling is nestled directly into a mountainside and strongly reminiscent of elves, hobbits, and other magic. Straight out of a fantasy novel (complete with fireplace!), this stunning home is truly special.


The ‘Doghouse’ in Idaho

Not quite that doghouse. Fancy staying inside a giant dog? Yes, you read that right. This whimsical home in Idaho is built to look like a giant Beagle, and it’s packed full of dog-themed decorations too. This would be the perfect place to get away and admire the starry skies of rural Idaho.


Modern Paradise in Connecticut

This home is a modern, light-drenched beauty. Chic, minimalist interiors with huge windows, soaring ceilings, and jaw-dropping views make this elegant home a sight to behold. This is one of the most highly reviewed listings in the area, and well suited to a group traveling together with 5 bedrooms and room for 8 visitors.


Off-the-Grid Treehouse in Kentucky

Not a fan of vacations in the city? This woodland listing has you covered. This secluded treehouse (featured on Animal Planet) is the perfect getaway for nature lovers and introverts craving time to themselves.


Desert Hideaway in Death Valley

This house is almost a surrealist dream. It could even be imagined as a James Bond-esque lair! Vivid exteriors complement the ochre sands and rolling mountains, and the tall glass windows add a modern twist to this sleek listing.


Elegant Villa in New York

This chic, elegant home would be perfectly suited for a rom-com movie set or sophisticated spy thriller. This exotic villa features elegant stone walls, a pond, lush foliage, bespoke kitchen appliances, and even a hot tub. It can host up to 12 guests, so it’s perfect for larger groups of friends or even a special event.


Historic Carriage House in Denver

This beautiful, rustic home is incredibly photogenic. (It’s even been featured in Architectural Digest.) Once a carriage house in the 1800s and now a holiday getaway, it’s retained its quirks and charms without sacrificing any modern amenities.


Storybook Chalet in Pennsylvania

This house just screams fairytale vibes. This wooden chalet offers a premium woodland experience, with a cozy log fire and stunning vintage interior. It’s modern and rustic all at once, with plenty of activities like tubing and kayaking in close proximity.


Frank Lloyd Wright House in Wisconsin

Experience the genius of one of America’s most famous architects in this classy, comfortable Wisconsin home. The 4 bedroom red brick casa features all the amenities you could dream of, and a stunning natural view to boot. This is a well-reviewed listing, with visitors noting how clean and beautiful it was. Quintessential “small-town America” is just down the road in Two Rivers, with plenty of outdoor activities available.


Dreamy Hacienda in California

Nestled in the midst of a local creative community, the Joshua Tree House is the perfect spot for couples or small groups to relax. Previous visitors raved about the jaw-dropping sunsets, clean white interior, and starry night skies.


Sunny Beachside Condo in Alabama

Looking for a beachside escape? This beautiful condo is the obvious pick. It’s affordable, comfortable, and in a prime spot to access the beach. With room for 6 guests, this is the perfect spot for a Gulf Shore family getaway.


Magical Treehouse in Atlanta

This home almost looks like it was built by fairies, druids, or some other magical being. Reviews describe it as being ‘just as cool as you think it might be’ and compliment the hosts on their service, too. Helpful amenities, gorgeous views, and a stunning interior make this a worthwhile (and completely unique) experience. With room for only 2 guests, this one is best saved for a romantic getaway.


Tropical Treehouse in Hawaii

 Georgia’s not the only place with treehouses! If you’re searching for the ultimate Hawaiian experience on the jungles of the Big Island, this small bamboo treehouse is the one. Described as a ‘personal paradise’ this home is nestled 15 feet in the trees, offering gorgeous views, off-the-grid living, and tailored guest service.


Woodland Cabin in Arkansas

If you’re looking for a vintage cabin experience with great customer service, this is the listing for you. This rustic A-frame cabin is located near plenty of great local fishing and music spots and boasts a scenic, natural environment.


Fairytale Studio in Massachusetts

Ready to live the Rapunzel stories of your dreams? This silo studio is a fairytale sight to behold, complete with charming wooden construction, leaded glass windows, and a wrought-iron four-poster canopy bed. It’s deep within nature, surrounded by babbling brooks and floral gardens, and the perfect “getaway” location.


Chic Tiny House in Nebraska

The tiny house craze is still sweeping the nation, and if you want to give it a try before committing to it yourself, this minimalist listing is a good option. This gorgeously compact home is perfect for solo travelers and couples alike, and offers all the essentials that you’ll need on holiday—and a few you might not expect, like a surrounding goat farm!


Artistic Studio in Ohio

This gorgeous studio loft shows how beautiful city living can be. It’s catered towards artists and creatives and boasts an incredibly well-designed interior. If art history is your thing, check this out: it was originally the home of renowned American artist George Bellows.


These are just a few of the great places available on Airbnb, and you’re sure to find a unique home to explore in whichever state you might be visiting. Sure, hotels can be nice--but wouldn’t you rather support a local home and stay somewhere with character?

Rental companies help people like you save time and earn money, and that’s what we aim to do with our premium tool rental service, Sparetoolz. You can download our free app here to earn cash with your spare tools today, or get in touch with us to find out more.

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