the tool rental app you’ve been waiting for!

Sparetoolz helps you make & save money with peer-to-peer tool rental in your community.
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Who is sparetoolz for?


Do you have spare tools & equipment sitting around in your garage, doing nothing? (Remember how much you paid for them?)

Set up your account
Take photos of your tools & list them
Set your rental rates (by day/week)
Make money with your spare tools!


Have a project, but not the tools? (And don’t want to deal with the clutter, hassle, & expense of buying them?)

Set up your account
Browse available tools
Request a rental from trusted tool owners
Save money!

sparetoolz makes it easy

Secure transaction
Safe & secure payment processing partners
Validated profiles
Ensuring all our users are who they say they are
Rent by the hour (coming soon), day, week, or month
Easily flexible for a busy schedule
Optional tool training & delivery
Make more money by offering training & delivery for the tools you rent out
Awesome customer support
The most critical tool of all!
Rent near you
Support your local economy by renting right in your community

Why sparetoolz makes sense

Conveniently Located
Avoid the hassle of driving to the store & waiting in long lines
More Affordable
Pay less than you would at big box retailers & corporations
Support Local Economy
Keep money in your community, working directly with your neighbors
Save Space
Avoid cluttering up your garage, attic, & storage space
Prevent Waste
Reduce landfill waste by renting (instead of buying & discarding) infrequently used tools

Interested in Reaching Out?

We’d love to hear from you!