About Sparetoolz

We're here to help you make & save money with peer-to-peer tool rental in your community.

Sparetoolz was founded as the innovative answer to a frustrating problem. In 2016, founder Zlatko was working on a home improvement project with his Dad. They were trying to install natural stone onto a fireplace, but learned that they needed a wet-saw. Nothing else could cut stone that thick. Z jumped online to search for a solution.

Dumbfounded, he discovered that there was no app to share tools. Instead, he found that renting one from a big box home improvement store would cost $150/day. The price for a brand new one was $450. Calculating that they’d need it for just over 3 days, they decided to bite the bullet and buy it. When the project was over, he found himself stuck with a large tool that he probably wouldn’t use again.

Zlatko encountered this problem over and over as he and his Dad embarked on a series of home improvement projects. Each time, he knew there HAD to be a solution.

Enter Sparetoolz.

Sparetoolz is a new app based on the peer-to-peer sharing economy. It’s a safe, secure platform that connects tools owners (who have tools) with tools renters (who need them).

Tool owners can have an instant side hustle with virtually no overhead, making money from tools they already own that are probably just sitting around in the garage doing nothing.

Tool renters can save money by renting at reasonable rates instead of buying, avoid the clutter and hassle of storing a bunch of infrequently used tools, and support their communities by keeping their money local.

It’s also a more eco-friendly solution. According to the EPA, nearly 30% of landfill waste is made up of plastic and metal. Renting tools instead of buying them (and discarding them down the road) avoids adding even more to the pile.

Sparetoolz has set out to make tools more convenient, accessible, and affordable for renters--while helping owners make some extra dough with virtually no work.

How’s that for a fix?

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Sparetoolz promises…

Secure transaction
Safe & secure payment processing partners
Validated profiles
Ensuring all our users are who they say they are
Rent by the hour (coming soon), day, week, or month
Easily flexible for a busy schedule
Optional tool training & delivery
Make more money by offering training & delivery for the tools you rent out
Awesome customer support
The most critical tool of all!
Rent near you
Support your local economy by renting right in your community

Seamless, Secure User Experience

Sparetoolz is an iOS app founded on the principles of the peer-to-peer sharing economy. It's a safe, secure platform that connects tool owners with the renters that need them. 

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